Eucharist/ Communion/ Lord’s Supper – The utopia of Jesus in our days

Cláudio Carvalhaes



The Lord's Supper/Communion/Eucharist is one of the most powerful rituals of the Christian faith. In this chapter, I try to expand the understanding of this precious meal for our time. In order to do that I introduce the meal as an overarching event in the life of the world and consider some communitarian, social conditions, as strong characteristics of this meal. With that information, I go through the New Testament to see what was happening at the beginning of the church. After that I develop some fundamental aspects of the Eucharistic meal for our time considering the possible relations between Eucharist and Socialism, associating this Christian ritual with social visibility and against social humiliation. I finish mentioning Clarice Lispector a Brazilian writer who said that "love is bread shared among strangers."



Eucharistic Meal; Early Church; Common Life; Socialism; Social Visibility; Social Humiliation

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